Differential vulnerability of hippocampal subfields and antero-posterior hippocampal subregions in healthy cognitive aging

In present study we investigated whether hippocampal subfields (cornu ammonis 1-3, dentate gyrus, and subiculum) and antero-posterior hippocampal subregions (head, body, and tail) follow the same trajectory with age using structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).We recruited 129 healthy volunteers, 18-85 years old. Structural MRI scans were acquired on a 4.7T system. Hippocampal subfields and subregions were manually segmented using reliable volumetric protocols.We found that all effects of age on the hippocampal volumes were non-linear and were mainly found in the hippocampal body, while the hippocampal head and the tail volumes were not associated with age.📍


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